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“Now, there is no reason to invest a lot of time and money to ship samples to specialized testing laboratories or become a victim of any ‘adulterated-meat’ scandals,” added Dr. Ali.
Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc. (ADI) is excited to announce the launch of TruStrip Rapid Meat Identification Test Kit for the screening of adulteration in ground meat products. This revolutionary test kit vastly simplifies the process of screening ground meat products for any undesired meats and can be performed by any individual without the need for special training or instrumentation. The results of the test are obtained within a matter of minutes—similar to performing a home-based pregnancy test. This new product is an evolution from the previous 1-hour ELISA test kit for the testing of horse, pig, and rat meats. For a video demonstration of the TruStrip Rapid Meat Identification Test Kit, please visit:

Adulterated ground meat is a major source of concern in the food industry, typically resulting in huge losses for the producers of meat products. Similar to the horse meat scandal in Europe in 2013 that resulted in the recall of large quantities of ground meat products from grocery stores and restaurants, the fear of tainted or adulterated meat is a concern to consumers as well. Ethical and religious concerns are two of the main issues for consumers, fueling the need for a simple testing method that can be used by any individual. Compared to other time-consuming testing methods such as PCR-based assays or ELISA tests that require specialized training, testing facilities, and instrumentation, the TruStrip test kit can be used in any environment and produces results within minutes.
“The availability of a simple test that can be performed by anyone without any special training or instrumentation is a valuable product that can be utilized by a broad number of users ranging from food testing laboratories, ground meat producers, restaurateurs, grocery stores, and even regular consumers,” says Dr. Masarrat Ali, Scientific Director and President of ADI. “Now, there is no reason to invest a lot of time and money to ship samples to specialized testing laboratories or become a victim of any ‘adulterated-meat’ scandals,” added Dr. Ali.

The TruStrip Rapid Meat Identification Test Kit is available as a 10-test, 25-test, and 100-test kit and contains all reagents, test strips, and positive and negative control samples. The kit is designed for testing ground meat from species that include pork, beef, goat, chicken, and horse. The kit can be used to test any ground meat sample for the presence of adulterating meat from a single species and up to 5 species in a single assay. Further details are available at

About Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc.: ADI is a privately held, U.S. biotechnology company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. ADI develops, manufactures, and supplies novel diagnostic and quality control reagents and test kits for use in basic biological and disease research in humans and animals. An important mission of ADI is to develop and supply diagnostic and validating solutions for promoting global health through improved vaccine therapeutics and mitigating the spread of human and animal diseases.

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